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Changing the World with Delicious Onigiri!

It kind of seems impossible to save the world with a simple rice ball, but Table for Two’s World Food Day Campaign has completely flipped this assumption. Table for Two USA (TFT), a non-profit organization which first started in Japan with a mission to tackle obesity and hunger issues simultaneously, celebrated World Food Day 2015 with us at the Japan-America Society of Washington DC, by holding a “One Million Itadakimasu” (or bon appetit!) campaign and mini cooking class on October 6, 2017. The campaign featured the popular Japanese food called “onigiri” (rice balls), a simple yet staple of Japanese “soul food”. Participants were able to learn about the details of TFT’s work and learn how to change the world with onigiri by just taking a selfie with their onigiri (rice balls) and posting it on the TFT campaign website or their own social media with #OnigiriAction. For each onigiri photo post, TFT’s partner organizations donate 5 school meals to children in need. Helping the marginali…

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